Wave India 2011 for TWIKE; how it all began…

WAVE2011, a rally for electric cars from paris to prague, a much noticed event – won by none other than the TWIKE IV was the start of all of this. louis palmer, organizer, launched a CFV (call for vehicles) for WAVE2011 in india 3 weeks ag the stringent technical pre-requisites attached to this special WAVE stage are hard to comply with. since no roadside assistance is available, only the most robust ev’s are taken into closer consideration. furthermore, sub-stages up to 160kms will test the range of most participating ev’s to the limit. i spoke with my wife about this […]

let’s get this started

welcome to the first post on emissionslos.ch emissionslos translates to emissionless and this is exactly this blog is about. we’re going to be looking at emissionless mobility and related topics here.