2018 was a tumultuous year – on the one hand starting to work as one of the first employees at a start-up and on the other hand totaling TW560 beginning of 2018.

It took the better part of 2018 to get TW560 back on the road – being super busy at my new job and being abroad very much didn’t allow me to plan my usual yearly TWIKE adventure driving across Europe.

2019 – a new year beckons and things are looking much better now: the start-up has survived it’s first year and we’ve won some clients.

I’m in need of some time-off! This is why this year it will be just me traveling on my own. I will visit my Austrian cousin first and then drive all the way to Terni, the Italian city I lived as a child.

All my friends in Terni are looking forward to me visiting after over a year. There will be a lot of good food and wine and many evenings spent discussing the Italian state of affairs (not good) and playing cards.

I’ll be leaving Switzerland on the afternoon of March 28 and will return either April 8 or 9. See the current status of my travel planning below:

The usual GPS tracking will be active in order to be able to see where I am during the trip.