a new TWIKE adventure in 2015!

TDB2015 prologue in yellowTDB2015 prologue in yellow
TDB2015 prologue in yellow

TDB2015 will take us further afield than any previous trip in our 8 year history, except the one across india. detailed planning of our route will start in february 2015.

we’re really looking forward to travelling to the baltic states – jc hasn’t been yet, and for me it’s been 20+ years. rural poland promises to be interesting and we’re also facing interesting obstacles getting into kaliningrad with TW560, since my vehicle insurance explicitly mentions this territory as not being covered.

Since we’ve gotten tired of investing 2 of our precious driving days getting in and out of switzerland (with all our tours and other, smaller trips, we’ve more or less covered all routes in and out of switzerland. this is why for TDB2015 we’ve decided to have TW560 shipped to our starting point by truck.

TDB2015 goals:

update 24apr15: we will not be shipping tw560. jc will take the twike to tallin himself on TDB2015’s prologue.

we’ve agreed on a hockey stick-like route taking us through some very beautiful parts of europe – see current planning in the interactive map below. (you might need to zoom in slightly)

should you know any POI’s along our route – as always – let us know!

want to start reading about TDB2015?

start here if you want to read about our preparations.

go to the first entry for TDB2015’s prologue to tallin.

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