Summer is back!

Unlike the last few years, my wife and I will be on our own this time. Our kids and their partners have decided that they want to travel further away and be on their own this year.

Although we had already planned on doing some DIY on our house for a week, after some intense weeks with family related issues, we decided to take some time off as a couple in southern France.

Our kids and their partners will take over our house during the time. 6 adults will live there during our trip. We’ve experienced how our house feels like when everyone is back home and we’re looking forward to not being there 😉

As we both like France and speak French fluently, we’ve decided to head to southern France again. Not only did our last trip together in France show us how relaxed and cool the French are, my own few days in France visiting friends and having exceptional food reinforced my conviction to come back for more!

Our trip will start with the usual drive across Switzerland and then, from Grenoble onwards, take us southward, across a few hill ranges to the sea. We’re really looking forward to this drive.

On the way back, we will not plan for anything – easy driving along the coast and then heading to my wife’s aunt in southern Switzerland and potentially visiting Seb, a long-time reader of this blog.

As always, our trip is on MyMaps and we will have GPS tracking active. Curently this page is still inactive. It will be during the trip.