Hello 2024

Time goes by really quickly – especially if you’re absent. Welcome to a quick re-cap of 2023, the usual stats and an outlook into 2024. The good news first: TW560 had no major technical problems during 2023. Only following parts had to be serviced: 2023 started with me heading back to Singapore for another 4 months – extending my total stay there that started late 2022 to a total of 8 months. After some relaxing days back home over Christmas and New Year I headed back to Asia. My wife visited me for 2 weeks of vacation in Malaysia before […]

TDF2023 – this year’s TWIKE adventure

This year’s long-distance trip with TW560 was planned at a rather short notice – TDF2023 a two week break with our TWIKE. The date is finally set and the general direction chosen: Southern France. During last year’s trip, whilst returning, I drove along the southern coast of France and enjoyed it tremendously. This is essentially, what we’re going to do with much more time than last year. Unlike other years, we will not be traveling with our kids – they are going to stay at home as they need to study and finish other things – which will give me […]

ChatGPT x TWIKE: What have you learnt?

I was interested to learn what ChatGPT thought about emissionless.ch and what the main takeaways for the model were – here we go: Tell me what you’ve learned from looking at emissionless.ch After reviewing emissionless.ch, I’ve learned a lot about the TWIKE electric vehicle and its history, design, and performance. The website provides comprehensive information about the TWIKE’s features, including its lightweight construction, low energy consumption, and high efficiency. It also highlights the vehicle’s impressive track record, including numerous awards and records for its performance and energy efficiency. One of the most interesting things I learned about the TWIKE is […]

TDE2022 – Day 12 – Grau de Roi to Biot, enjoying the Côte d’Azur

Coming from Spain, France’s idea of having fun at the beach is noticeably different. More planning, lots of ‘animations’, hurray-hurray ‘we’re having so much fun’ type activities and lots of ClubMed-style places everywhere. The French seem much more focused on having activities going on than just relaxing. I might have just stumbled across a stretch of the coast that has a concentration of such places. I’m leaving a day earlier as my family – I have arranged to meet with a work colleague of mine that lives in southern France close to Nice and couch-surf at his place for a […]