Welcome to TW560‘s second of two longer trips in 2020.

This year’s first trip – TDI2020 – was extraordinarily nice – I invite you to read about it.

Every year for the last 15 years, I’ve traveled to Austria to meet my Austrian family in Austria’s so-called Green Heart – Styria for a large family get-together. TW560 has been to Styria at least 5 times now. This is an event I definitely don’t want to miss! (If you have a scattered family and you find it hard to meet them on a regular basis – this is the solution. 15 years ago, we decided it was the only way to get to see each other regularly and it proved the only way for everybody: a date, fixed a year in advance and an always same place we stay at together – everybody can accommodate that!)

Whilst for the last few years I’ve been either traveling to Styria either with one of my daughters or from my Austrian office in Vienna or directly by car train or … it seems so far away with Covid-19 … would fly in to Graz regional airport from the Middle East or wherever I just was coming from, this year I wanted to spend some time with my wife and agreed we would depart 5 days early and make our way to Styria very slowly, crossing the Dolomites whilst on our way. We initially wanted to cross into Slovenia to visit one of the nicest cities in Europe, Ljubljana. Unfortunately, Switzerland is one of Europe’s infection hot spots and Slovenia thus decided to close the borders to Swiss citizens. Next year!

Check the interactive map below for a current version of TDST2020.