It’s summertime! Summer means some days off and that is usually the starting point of a TWIKE adventure.

We are all in need of vacation as the first half year has had its toll on all of my family members. Unfortunately, not all of us will be able to take some days off this year.

For the rest of us, we’ve decided to re-apply the tried-and-tested ‘making it work for all’ approach for the 4th year in series: Why not combine the need for our children to be on their own and have loud music in the car during a road trip, us parents wanting to enjoy the trip by driving from village to village along the sea and whilst meeting up every evening and enjoying some drive-free days whilst doing some family activities? The kids will be able to sleep a little longer than us – check out of the Hotel and drive to the next place at their own pace and then either explore the town or just veg out on the hotel’s WiFi whilst waiting for us to arrive.

This is the starting point of TDE2022. Another ‘Tour d’Espagne’ – TW560 and I will leave a day early and drive to Avignon – My wife, two daughters and a boyfriend will meet up with me there. We will then spend few days in France before continuing on to Spain for another few days at the beach.

From there, my family will return to Switzerland whilst I will be driving back along the southern coast of France and potentially heading north from Nice to cross some of the higher passes in southern France TW560 hasn’t before.

… check the map below for my current plan. (you can move around and zoom the map freely)

The usual GPS tracking will be active in order to be able to see where I am during the trip.

The usual GPS tracking page with links to larger maps will be active in order to be able to see where I am during the trip.