Welcome to TW560‘s second of two longer trips in 2017.

This year’s first trip – TDE2017 – was my second attempt to spend some days with my youngest daughter. Unlike last year’s trip that didn’t end as planned during which we had planned to drive to Styria for 5 days and meet my family, this adventure was more than twice as long and was really nice.

As usual co-pilot, JC, wasn’t available for our yearly pan-European adventure this year – my planned second trip for the year didn’t happen. 🙁

Every year for the last 12 years, I’ve travelled to Austria to meet my Austrian family in Austria’s so-called Green Heart – Styria for a large family get-together. TW560 has been to Styria at least 3 times. This is an event I definitely don’t want to miss! (If you have a scattered family and you find it hard to meet them on a regular basis – this is the solution. 12 years ago, we decided it was the only way to get to see each other regularly and it proved the only way for everybody: a date, fixed a year in advance – everybody can accommodate that!)

As my youngest daughter will be flying to Austria on her own one full week before the event to stay with my uncle and my wife and eldest daughter will only take part during the main event due to work engagements and only arrive mid-week my second daughter voiced her interest in repeating the same trip I had planned for TDIN2016 – visiting friends in northern Italy, Venice and Ljubljana before heading back into southern Austria and spending some time with me in the process.

On my way back, this time, I will not take the nightly train to Feldkirch but drive to Gmunden, stay with parts of my family and drive back from there.

Check the interactive map below for a current version of TDST2017.

More updates to follow.