This page is where TW560 would – one day, ideally, travel to.

TW560 has already been to many, many places and on many, many adventures.

The list is by no means final and only gives the details known at this point and might (will definitely) change until the trips are final and planned.

  • Portugal:
    My company has an office there and I’d like, some day, travel there
  • Morocco:
    I’d love to take TW560 to Morocco to meet with Sylvia from TWIKE Maroc. Maybe even take part in the yearly eRally she organizes: RIVE Maroc. Unfortunately, in 2019, the date of the rally coincides with my yearly trip to southern Austria.
  • Great Britain:
    My company has an office there, too. There are many more places I’d like to go in the UK: Lake District, Northern 500 around Scotland, Shetland Islands, Wales, Fair Isle.
  • TDA20xx:
    Travel from Singapore to Bangkok – have been planning this for a very long time already… This would include TW560 being transported to and from Asia by container, like for WAVE2011
  • Coast-to-coast Canada:
    Easy enough – as a Canadian, I’d like to see my country coast to coast.
  • Nordkapp, Norway:
    One way by TWIKE, the other by Hurtigruten.
  • To Greece and back:
    Along the Mediterranean down to Albania, then cross into the hills towards Macendonia, drive through Galichica National Park, head towards Thessaloniki and then head to Edirne, with a quick visit to Bulgaria on the way.
  • …and ultimately, something like this:
    Zoom and pan to see the detailed route.