Time for a new long-distance TWIKE adventure!

I was super-lucky in 2020 having been able to travel to Italy and Austria during this very difficult year for many of us.

2021, with some new normalcy, we’re back planning our next trip. Like the last two years, we will be applying the same “split-needs” logic we had devised for TDE2019 which has led to all our grown-up children absolutely wanting to embark on another family vacation together this year. This time we’ll be one person more, as one of my daughters will be joined by her boyfriend.

The startup I’m working for has grown from the handful of people when I joined to a 70+ employee company with most employees working in Portugal. After a two-week visit to the office and working from Lisbon earlier this year I suggested that we should travel to Portugal as a family this year – everybody happily agreed.

TW560 will leave first, driving to my wife’s extended family in northern Spain where she and I will meet up and spend a day or two. From there we will drive to Porto, where we will meet up with the Kids. The next 2 weeks will see us traveling south, staying at the beach, visiting Lisbon and yet another few days at the sea in the Algarve. It will be really nice to visit all the places again that I haven’t seen since the first time I traveled across Portugal extensively in 1991, some 30 years ago!! (These are the moments I know I’m getting old!)

The kids will be leaving back home from there – having only 2 weeks of summer holidays, whilst my wife and I will drive back to Lisbon to spend some quality time as a couple.

My wife will fly back from Portugal whilst I will stay on for a few weeks before embarking on an epic max-distance-per-day-covered, 2450km long drive home.

The map below shows our current WIP planning for our trip this year.