other TWIKE blogs
mirgrautvornix a very intrepid twike owner not afraid to take apart what usually is left untouched (german)
TW1026 on the road TWIKE 1k26 has an owner who likes to travel
official sites:
fine mobile the TWIKE manufacturer
TWIKE Klub Switzerland lots of information and events around TWIKEs
swiss twike partners:
Bechtiger Motos
thomas bechtiger – the inventor of the rally-twike
Inventors of the TWIKE, if they can’t fix it – forget it
Maya and her all-female crew
EV-related sites:
E-Mobility marketplace D / A / CH
(TWIKEklub edition)
A forum for EV drivers > TWIKEklub edition
Bridging the gap between two-wheelers and cars
EV associations:
ECS EV driver’s association in switzerland
Charging related:
LEMnet free and open, the oldest and still best charge point locator, also available as an app (lemnet classic)

should you know any other site that should be listed here -> let me know!

2 Replies to “Links – EV resources”

  1. Hi there,
    I’m looking for front window to my Twike. Do you know somebody who can sell this part?
    All the best

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