TW560 interior: new seats

As one of the last parts of my full restoration of TW560 after an accident completely destroyed the vehicle and needed extensive re-building from the ground I thought it to be fitting to go all the way and spend some money on a new interior. This isn’t a decision based purely on luxury – the accident destroyed one of my seats and reduced my TWIKE to effectively a one seater. 10 years ago, I already had new seats made – the process was utterly satisfying: chose every aspect of your seat, from padding to colours and top materials. I’m a […]

Two years in: Testing Dreifels 51Ah Pack Capacity

How time flies – it’s already been 2 years since I installed my 51Ah 17.7kWh LiNiCoAlO2-Cell-based battery pack. For better battery health and less ageing my daily charge is only to 3.8V cell charge, I never discharge below 3.3V and balance the cell packs from time to time. As my daily commute is only around 11% of the total pack capacity, I never see what the real capacity of the pack is and if it has lost any capacity. Using ‘Tesla-speak’ I drive in trip mode only 1-2 weeks total per year. And there, I never really drive the pack […]

Repairs: Easy and cheap re-attaching of canopy snap fasteners

Have you had canopy fasteners coming off the frame and staying in the canopy thus creating a not-so watertight problem? Don’t despair – I have a handy and easy way to fix it.   Just buy M4x15 screws, helical spring washers, M4 nyloc nuts and a 4.1 metal drill. Carefully place the drill in the center of the existing broken-off rivet put your finger behind the metal band on the rivet and slowly start drilling. Within a second, you will notice that your rivet has come loose, as not much metal has been keeping in place anymore.   The hole […]

TW560 Rebuild…completed.

After my first km and various smaller trips resulting in extensive testing of TW560’s rebuild, it was time to go to Ksenotek for one last rebuild session for some last finishing touches. A new wooden battery bay cover – the last one was just plain wood. This time over I’m getting a beautifully lacquered one. Looks very, very posh. Finally my battery bay is closed and there aren’t unprotected cables carrying >400V just mere centimetres behind me and I don’t have to warn anyone getting into my TWIKE not to touch anything 🙂 Another very important final touch is adding […]

ODT: Lake Lucerne – Ibergeregg, postcard-grade Switzerland

After my first drive across Switzerland after TW560’s rebuild following a the destruction of TW560 in an accident, a visit to the Gran Sasso and enjoying a weekend in the Graubünden Alps, it’s time to drive back home. This entry isn’t too much about TW560 and more about the stunning beauty of the country I live in. We start by crossing the Oberalppass for the third time in as many days. It’s another very nice day with a bonus of being one of these day that has extremely clear air, giving 200km+ visibility. Then, not using the motorway, I head […]

ODT – Visiting Sasso San Gottardo

Sleeping at 1600m is always relaxing – fresh air, cow bells in the distance and crickets all merge into the typical Swiss soundscape I find deeply relaxing. (Maybe the bottle or two of very drinkable Rhine valley reds we had the evening before also helped a little 😉 ) Today, whilst my daughter is competing in a Show Jumping competition, I, together with a fellow neo-Swiss, will be visiting one of Switzerland’s greatest wartime relics: the Gran Sasso fortified bunkers atop of the Gotthard pass. There is so much interesting to learn about how Switzerland prepared to defend against being […]

Repairs: DIY TWIKE drivetrain overhaul (not for the faint of heart!)

Part of the TWIKE community reaching out to me after destroying TW560 was me being offered to drive TW600. Caroline and I have known each other for a few years now and I’ve been her primary gateway for most questions around her vehicle as we both live in the same (small) village. During the handover of her TWIKE she asked me: when you’re driving my TWIKE, can you please tell me if there is something you think will fail soon? Are there any sounds you think should worry me? As I’ve said many times – every TWIKE is different .. […]

TW560: back on the road – first few km

Finally – the day I’ve been waiting for has come! TW560 is ready for a first week of driving in minimum configuration in order to detect any major problems before going ahead and concentrating on the remaining details. I will be collecting TW560 from Andi in a ‘barely driveable’ state. This means: No fog lights No reverse light No internal lights No 12V outlets No windscreen wiper! The hood will not fully open No wheel covers No battery bay cover! Lots of non-connected cables everywhere No serial number…I’m incognito 🙂 but: All drive-related parts are functional! Front lights work Indicators […]

Re-build of TW560, part 2

As TW560 cannot monopolize Andi’s business for days on end, TW560’s revival had to pause for a few days. Other TWIKEs need repairs, too! We rejoin the action for the second part of TW560’s re-build. The goal for today is to get TW560’s back on its own wheels, able to break and propel itself – a bonus would be to have the hood fitted. Let’s see how far we can get today. Last time we left off with the main frame mounted and the battery bay ready. A good next step is to add the back suspension assembly. When this […]

Re-build of TW560, part one

I was very much looking forward to this part: Finally, TW560 is going to be put back together, as a Chimera of TW560’s main parts, TW524’s outer hull and TWxxx’s hood. It will take time to get used to. But I have really missed my TWIKE unlike any other possession I’ve had in my life. It’s a very strange and strong feeling. I don’t know if other rare vehicle owners have similar feelings. It’s similar to how you might feel towards a very old and very dear friend. Anyway: today is the day TW560 fights its way back to life…and […]