This will be a super short entry as we didn’t take any pictures at all during our stay in Hyères. (The banner picture comes from Pansard’s website)

It was a period of complete digital detox with us leaving our mobile phones at our bungalow, going to the beach, eating well and short daily easy runs along the sea and in and around the old salines just besides our campsite, discovering the natural beauty of this place.

We both started reading our physical books and just relaxed with lots of lovely French rosé wine every evening.

The days fly by and we both start discussing how our next few days and return to Switzerland could look like – I suggested to drive to Diano Marina, a place I had visited during TDF2016, 7 years ago and had liked a lot.

Diano Marina is just 250 km away and will take us along the stunningly beautiful Côte d’Azur and southern Ligurian Coast.

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