the WAVE meeting yesterday was interesting, but left me with just 7 hours to empty my suitcase and get ready for yet another flight – this time to the middle east: tel aviv.

after 4 hours flight i arrive in tel aviv early afternoon and am greeted with 30°C and sunshine – a very welcome change to the cool autumn weather we’ve been having lately.

everytime i travel to a country far away, i very quickly miss the freedom (…and attention) the TWIKE offers. this time it is different, however.  i’ll be without the TWIKE until end of november!

on 19oct11, the TWIKE then is picked up by jean-claude and taken to vienna main station to be strapped back onto a car-transporter carriage hooked to a train bound to hamburg. (this is a TWIKE acustomed to long distance travel!)

TWIKE on its way to Hamburg
TWIKE ready to travel to Hamburg


after an utterly uneventful night, the TWIKE arrives with jean-claude in hamburg and he drives it to bremen with one quick 3-phase charge.

then, still in israel, i received an SMS from the TWIKE:

hamburg > bremen

recharge close to bremen  TW560:
Reichweite +55km (37%)

Ladezeit 0:24
Umgebung 11 C
Netzspannung fehlt.

this must have been the planned quick charge.

unfortunately, i was i a meeting and was unable to tell/SMS jean-claude that someone had unplugged the TWIKE. he then, later on told me that he had wandered off quite a bit, expecting a full hour of recharging and then got back to find the TWIKE semi-charged and disconnected. (being the first and only TWIKE to have this feature after brainstorming with beginning of 2011 makes me somewhat proud – and that it would have saved us some time here, would i have been able to forward the message to jean-claude in time!)

he arrived late evening in bremen and charged the TWIKE overnight. (after our various travels, we have an array of plugs enabling us to connect to most plugs prevalent in europe)

Hotel Turm in Bremen

A last charge and then, with one day delay, the TWIKE is loaded into a container with all other WAVE ev’s.

i’m really happy jean-claude has the time to take care of this! otherwise i would not have been able to make this happen.

the clio in the container

the container did not offer enough space for all vehicles. therefore, the clio had to be raised and fastenedastened inclined.
twike under clio

a snug fit > the TWIKE fits into the container at a few centimeters’ distance to the wooden support.

very, very snug fit

…really snug!

think #3 ev

A think…

finally, all ev's are in the container

and another one.

the container is then closed and jean-claude makes his way back to switzerland.

from now on, the TWIKE can be tracked here.

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