after a tearful good-bye from my TWIKE in vienna and an utterly uneventful flight to zurich late friday evening, i arrive at zurich airport where louisorganized a first team get-together (the date and venue were carefully engineered to match my schedule, since i would not be back to switzerland for the next 2 weeks.

5 teams showed up:

team pasol
solar / electric mobility veteran, has already taken part in WAVE2011

team twingo
india veterans, having lived there, they know country and culture like no-one else and gave us a good idea what to expect

team stoll
greendestination’s first team entry with a rented think from kwo

team kukal
greendestination’s second team entry with another rented think

team TWIKE
seasoned long distance travellers with a gusto for foreign countries 🙂 co-pilot jean-claude has 30+ yrs experience as a maître de cabine for a major airline and andrew has been travelling most of his life.

the agenda for the meeting was:

  • get to know everyone
  • visa related topics
  • carnet de passage
  • entry procedures for vehicles in india
  • WAVE itinerary
  • determine when exactly every team member is flying
  • rally contract and waiver > signing

it was very interesting to meet the other teams in person. every participant seems to be belong to the same small sub-group of people ready to accept that things might not be according to plan and that we need to stick together to make it a success. first impressions might be wrong, but i have a feeling that this might be a very good combination of people embarking on this adventure.

now we need to get the papers ready for the embassy and off we go!!




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