Driving across international borders 2021 has its own challenges. I was made aware of some requirements.

PCR tests are required in France for hotels – because I will not be able to cross France in 24 hours.


Then, entering Spain, PCR tests are required – also for Portugal – this means that I will have to get a test somewhere in Spain.


Thankfully, a PCR test centre with 5-hour results is very close-by – I’ll be taking the test Tuesday afternoon. This will give me freedom of movement and hotel-occupancy until Friday afternoon.

I will be fully vaccinated by the time I leave but most countries have a 14 days delay until full vaccination is recognized (this will come in handy when driving back to Switzerland)

Switzerland currently recognizes Portugal as a country of ‘concerning’ status. Most of my family is still not yet vaccinated. If anyone tests positive or mandatory quarantine should be imposed on anyone returning, we will need to re-schedule or cancel our plans. Everyone is crossing their fingers.

Back to TDP2021 and current planning status:
The first day will be very intensive – I’ll start at 0430 and drive to Geneva on the motorway and quick-charge for 2.5 hours. Then I’ll change to range mode and drive 450km past Clermont-Ferrant and stay overnight somewhere there. Due to the PCR-test restrictions, I will push forward hard day2 to reach Spain within the required 72 hours.

As always, my workload and agenda load is crazy. I don’t have much time to prepare TW560. Tomorrow I will polish the plexi windscreen and pack/prepare my travel charge kit.

This is the first time I’m going to be staying on for another few weeks before heading back to Switzerland. This means that I will need much more space for my luggage – I’m planning to do this on Sunday.

So much to do and so little time!

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