Repairs: After 234’000km, a few things needed attention – Part 4

TW560’s marathon problem fixing session finally over, Andi could get back to checking the rest of the chassis and changing the tyres.   Smiling even after a full days’ worth of work on my TWIKE. I usually get about 7000-8000km out of a set of tyres. If I would change them when they are technically illegal in Switzerland it would be less than 5000km!   Overall, I really like driving my TWIKE with slicks as they offer a lot of grip in dry conditions and are super-fun when roads are wet…   As a hyper-miler, every option of reducing drag, […]

Repairs: After 234’000km, a few things needed attention – Part 3

Fixing a broken/disintegrated clamp Whilst searching for the source of an annoying squeak, Andi, however, found a much more serious problem: A clamp holding the chassis and frame together hat all but disintegrated!   This might come from the fact that from time to time I’m driving my TWIKE slightly outside of its design envelope… For example here in Poland for hours on end.. And here in India… Fortunately, there is a simple solution to this problem that doesn’t take long to implement and will definitely last for a long time. A second clamp goes around the previous one and […]

Repairs: After 234’000km, a few things needed attention – Part 2

Fixing an annoying squeak TWIKE pilots always have a keen ear with regards to any new sound their TWIKE makes. Taking care of any problem as soon as possible not only saves money but can help preserve parts that might prove very hard to source if left to break/wear down. Following problem crept up just a week ago…   A loud squeaking sound from somewhere around the right hand tyre/axle. Asking the usual suspects yielded answers from ‘No problem, might just be a piece of metal scraping somewhere’ to ‘gears scraping due to worn-down ball-bearings … this will be expensive!’ […]

Repairs: After 234’000km, a few things needed attention – Part 1

Prior to any TWIKE adventure, I usually take my TWIKE to an official TWIKE service centre to have a general check-up. This ensures that the chance of being left stranded somewhere far away is low. After discovering a slight problem with my steering swing assembly, I had an urgent reason to go to Andi from Ksenotek and have the assembly replaced besides my usual check-up and getting some new tyres. Furthermore, TW560 had started to develop a very annoying squeak when recuperating – not breaking – leading me to suspect some damage to the gear drive assembly. And, as always, […]

Want to travel with your TWIKE?

Finally, a page that’s been in the works for a very long time is ready: An answer to the ever-returning question: What kind of kit do you need to take your TWIKE on a trip across Europe or further afield? Click here to go to the brand-new page called “TWIKE long-distance travel kit“. Got feedback or miss anything? Let me know!

Repairs: Console LCD LED back-light

As if my TWIKE wants to be ready for TDST2017, one little thing after the other starts to manifest itself in the last few weeks (spoiler alert: another entry after this one is already lined-up…) This time it’s the central displays back-light. Unlike previous display problems, which popped-up the first time in India and which originated at Dreifels’ controller (DFC 3.0), this problem is directly linked to the 2×16 character LCD back-light. (yet another spoiler alert: I’m currently writing-up an entry outlining what makes this controller a must-have addition to any TWIKE out there.) See for yourself how this problem […]

To be expected after 17 years…

Once every month, I check my TWIKE’s exterior for potential problems (like this one, or this one) that are easily fixed if detected early and turn can into very costly repairs, if left unattended. This entry shows you another part of your TWIKE you should check regularly – which I haven’t … until now. TW560’s swing steering arm!   Seeing this brown colour – very unusual for a TWIKE since all other parts are made of either plastic or aluminium – got me thinking: rust is never a good sign. I’m aware that most of my readers haven’t seen this […]

TDST2017, TW560’s second pan-European trip in 2017

As you might already know, the Austrian part of my family meets up once a year in Styria for a few days of catching-up, eating good food and drinking Styria’s very drinkable white wine. We from Switzerland have been taking part for over a decade now and wouldn’t want to miss this event for nothing in the world. (Teenage daughters insisting on coming is always a good sign 😉 ) TW560 has also been to Styria a few times and it has always been a very memorable trip. Last year’s attempt with my youngest daughter wasn’t very successful and resulted […]

Repairs: Reclaiming lost recuperation

One of the most important features of an electric car is its ability to capture kinetic energy by converting it back to electric energy via recuperation. (Why many electric scooters being sold still lack this feature remains a mystery to me) Only with recuperation can a TWIKE be one of the most economical electric vehicles world-wide! Therefore, as TW560 started to refuse to recuperate intermittently I immediately started asking the usual suspects what their take was. Interestingly enough, I wasn’t the only one with this problem. Feedbacks, however, weren’t too encouraging: The problem usually originates from a solder pad with […]

Post-TDE2017 TLC for TW560 (Part 3/3)

Finally, after being very busy, I’m able to conclude TDE2017‘s TLC for TW560. After ~30’000km driven since I bought the new pack, I figured it would be time to see how the cells were doing and balance the pack to restore its full capacity. Unlike my last pack that just had 15 balancer ports, this pack has 2x3x7=42 such ports. (The answer to all questions 😉 ) Balancing this battery pack will definitely take longer than before! According to Ralph, inventor of the TWIKE and vendor of my current pack, balance cycles per port should be around 15 minutes – […]