Planning for TW560’s 2016 adventure – TDAF2016 – is complete… well, as complete as it needs it to be 🙂

As last year’s trip pushed our limits somewhat, JC and I decided that this year’s trip would be focusing on the nicer sides of TWIKEing: Mountains & the sea. Fortunately, we live in a corner of this planet where both these things are easily reachable.

Even more relaxing will be the fact that I’ve ordered and am waiting for a 52Ah lion-battery which should give us a 480km+ range on one charge (hoping it will be ready in time). With such a battery we will only need to charge overnight and have about 2 hours more a day to take pictures and take in the scenery.

TDAF2016 stands for – as Stefan correctly guessed – Tour des Alpes Françaises. We will cross some of the highest passes in Europe (TW560’s been to the highest paved road in Europe already) off our list whilst crossing the French Alps. We then descend towards Monaco from where we will drive along the Ligurian coast until we reach Genoa, from where we will drive back to Switzerland.

We start our 10 day trip June 10 and as every year, will have a new travelogue entry daily and update our location every 5 minutes.

Check out our route in the interactive map below:

Know a POI along the route we should absolutely see? Get in touch!

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