TDAF2016: Planning update

Planning for TW560’s 2016 adventure – TDAF2016 – is complete… well, as complete as it needs it to be 🙂 As last year’s trip pushed our limits somewhat, JC and I decided that this year’s trip would be focusing on the nicer sides of TWIKEing: Mountains & the sea. Fortunately, we live in a corner of this planet where both these things are easily reachable. Even more relaxing will be the fact that I’ve ordered and am waiting for a 52Ah lion-battery which should give us a 480km+ range on one charge (hoping it will be ready in time). With […]

560@ … TWIKEs in Interesting Places (TIP) – A campaign for 2016

TWIKE’s are timeless pieces of design. Every time I enter an old Italian city center square or a French village, a TWIKE doesn’t feel out of place – It just … seems to belong there and represent a past future we’re still waiting for. After having a little fun at a Tesla store end of last year … …and entering Indian shopping centres… I thought to myself: which other interesting places exist where a TWIKE could enter and be photographed to create a stunning and thought-provoking image of a TWIKE? I’m sure you know of a place and maybe know […]