Being the organizer/sponsor of events for my company I’m really happy – where possible – to include my personal interests. In the past, organizing events including electric cars was a tedious or even impossible task. Now, the time is – finally – ripe!

Currently, no other EV-brand has both the coolness and media exposure as Tesla – After just a few calls everything was ready to host the event at Tesla’s Zurich store.

This time my company facilitated an IT-security event on game-changing security technology together with our local telco, Swisscom and a well-known IT-security vendor for C-suite decision makers of Swiss companies at Tesla’s Zurich store.

A shout out to Tesla Zurich’s friendly staff: Thank you again for being part of this event, closing the store for half a day to host us and making this event memorable for our customers! (well, driving a P90D does help 🙂 )

The event was a success and the store with a Model S chassis on display and luxuriously designed interior added to the exclusivity of the event.

Quite dramatic with Model S' chassis taking center stage!
Quite dramatic with Model S’ chassis taking center stage!

Whilst event-wise everything was working as planned, something else wasn’t: I was parking just outside Tesla’s store on a motorbike/bike parking spot…

Perfect parking spot...or so I thought!
Perfect parking spot…or so I thought!

…and attracted the interest of a police-woman who was just about to write me a parking ticket. I went outside and spent some time learning about federal and local Zurich parking regulations (This information alone merits a blog-entry on its own!) whilst applying copious amounts of charm to avoid a 40 CHF parking ticket.

Local police discussing local parking regulations with me
Local police discussing local parking regulations with me

At the end of our friendly dialogue, she agreed to waive my ticket but asked me to move TW560 somewhere else. Not wanting to head out in search of a parking spot in notoriously clogged Zurich, I decided to ask the guys at Tesla if i could just park my TWIKE on the showroom floor. It would be fun, everybody agreed.

With this settled, I drove my TWIKE inside and I was impressed how well it fitted the environment!

TWIKE's should have had this kind of presentation 20 years ago.
TWIKE’s should have had this kind of presentation 20 years ago.

Let’s dream a little more… 🙂

Wouldn't it be grand? 66Ah in 15mins!
Wouldn’t it be grand? Charge 20Ah in 5mins!

Eventually, Tesla’s staff wanted to test-drive the newest model on their showroom floor. After some explanations, they drove on their own and … loved it! 🙂

See the video below. It shows the store, how Tesla’s staff tries out TW560 and Tesla’s crew explaining TW560’s features to a colleague: True sales people!

After the drive: a typical EV grin!

Even Tesla's Zurich staff has an (TWIKE-) EV-grin
Even Tesla’s Zurich staff has an (TWIKE-) EV-grin

With the event drawing to an end, I was happy to see that a few customers had expressed real interest in taking the decision process forward -> towards electric mobility and the purchase of a Tesla.

Who thought 10 years ago that we would be at this stage already? Thanks to Tesla we are! Truly disruptive technology and marketing power! A bright future, indeed!

(For TW560 I’m thinking about upgrading its battery to 60+Ah sometime soon -> this will give me a 600km+ range, too! *yay*)

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