time flies when you’re having fun! today is the last day of our epic trans-european tdb2015-trip!

weather hasn’t changed since yesterday. torrential rain continues and low-hanging clouds shroud all surrounding mountains. After a hearty breakfast we load our stuff into TW560 and set out to cross the arlberg pass.

swiss maps for austria
swiss maps for austria
our climb for today
our climb for today

our optional route via lech / zΓΌrs is not an option, since weather radar images show heavy rainfall all the way to the swiss border…and beyond.

TW560s interior is still very damp from yesterday’s drive – windscreen fogging is inevitable. we start the defrosters and happily munch additional 500+W just for hot air πŸ™

not much to see :)
not much to see πŸ™‚

we continue to climb further up the arlberg pass – suddenly, from one metre to the next: snow!

never thought we'd see snow during tdb2015
never thought we’d see snow during tdb2015

not a problem, we thought. the ground is certainly too warm to let the snow settle and eventually cover the road.

wrong again! just a few meters further, this very snow was happily settling everywhere!

surprise! snow is waiting for us!
surprise! snow is waiting for us!

we continued slowly and carefully and eventually made it back down to the motorway leading to feldkirch. this is when we noticed that 10 days TWIKEing are indeed tiring… we felt very exhausted and decided not to drive to berne as initially planned, but to drive home and get a full day’s rest before starting normal life again.

we bought a pickerl and drove all the way to ACH, the closest international airport – with a charging station. πŸ™‚

last few metres on austrian soil
last few metres on austrian soil
vlotte on swiss soil - airport altenrhein
vlotte on swiss soil – airport altenrhein

this is our last fast charge … we relax – each in their own way (i watch a short documentary about a romanian city dubbed hackerville – 20 minutes and worth watching)

watching a documentary whilst charging
watching a documentary whilst charging

after our charge, which was only possible because we have the special CEE+ plug required for this charging station in our ever-growing collection of plugs. (pic is from 2012 – our current set contains at least 10 more plugs)

the rest of our trip is a constant mix between rain and grey.

during 5 minutes without rain - we know what's coming
during 5 minutes without rain – we know what’s coming

just 98kms later, we arrive back at my place. TW231 is awaiting jc for another 50kms back to jc’s place. we unload our stuff from TW560.

for all of you that asked about the amount of stuff we currently take with us on our trips: here!

our stuff
our stuff

we’re extremely efficient at loading and unloading these items – we’ve been practicing 7 years. πŸ™‚

this is always a sombre moment – our adventure, TDB2015, is over.

it’s been, yet again, an impressive feat: 2853kms across europe at 48Wh/km. (136kWh … about the energy of 13 litres of petrol)

total energy costs paid: €7
rest: given to us for free.

after tdb's 2853 kms - tired but happy
after tdb’s 2853 kms – tired but happy

thank you for reading, following, gps-stalking πŸ™‚ commenting, interacting, subscribing and being part of this adventure!

…p.s.: we’ve already got some ideas for TD*2016 > stay tuned!

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