first WAVE presentation

4feb12 the twike-club had one of its three annual meetings in churwalden, switzerland. traditionally, at this churwalden meeting we gather to have some fun during the day, build up some hunger and then converge onto a converted stable in a 400 yr old building where we eat a fondue, a typical swiss dish in a very rustical and authentic environment. this year, jc and myself chose to drive there with TW231 despite the very low temperatures of -15°C during the day. jc is very proud to have upgraded his TWIKE to the same technical level as TW560 except for the GSM connectivity […]

TW560 back in Switzerland

last friday, jc flew to bremen to oversee the TWIKE being released from our container. he arrived just in time to see the TWIKE being unloaded with all the other cars. since walti will be arriving in about 2 days, jc was asked to plug in the twingo, in order for it to be ready for pick up. the drive from bremen to hamburg was uneventful but very, very cold. jc endured -18°C, which in the TWIKE equals to -18°C interior temperature. during the charge the cold seems to have gotten to the TWIKE computer at last – the display […]

TWIKE arrives in Bremerhafen

a quick update: the TWIKE has arrived in bremerhaven. it will wait in freezing temperatures until jean-claude arrives this friday to collect it. he will then proceed to hamburg where the TWIKE will then be transported by train to lörrach. just a short drive across the border from there, TW560 will receive the required TLC by ralph schnyder and his team at dreifels in sissach.  why dreifels? dreifels has offered me to repair the TWIKE free of charge – thank you very, very much, guys! i can not imagine TW560 being in better hands than ralph’s > he, after all, in 1986, […]