jc and i have started planning our next adventure.

we’ve been travelling with the TWIKE for about 7-8 days once every year for the last 4 years.

last year, besides travelling to india for 3 weeks, we took the TWIKE to denmark for a 1900km roundtrip.

analogue, how else?
analogue planning, how else?

this year, we’re going to test JC’s TW231 in very hot environments and try to combine this with crossing a major mountain range: we’re taking TW231 from northern switzerland to southern spain.

our current plan is to draw a straight line from southern spain to andorra and from there to glattfelden, our starting point, and try to follow this theoretical line as closely as possible.

living in spain or france somewhere along this line and would like to meet us? > get in touch!

once in spain, i will then remain in spain with my family and return by train whilst  jc will continue his trip for another few weeks, direction unknown (retirees have all the freedom it seems…)

we will post updates on details soon.

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  1. I have been looking for a twike everywhere. How were you so lucky to find one? The company didn’t answer my emails.

    1. hi there, chris,

      thank you for commenting.

      looking at your ip, i suspect you live in the US. (…well, i hope, since, if not, most of the below will not make much sense 🙂 )

      with only 20 TWIKE’s in the US, there is obviously no real used market for these vehicles… (fun fact: TW560’s has a US sister – TW561 is in Minneapolis!)

      furthermore, due to the modifications required for 110V charging, simply buying a TWIKE off someone in europe and importing isn’t really a viable option.

      i think the best thing to do is to reach out to barbara wilms from TWIKE.com (barbara[dot)wilms(at]twike{dot}com) – she’ll be able to support you with the steps required for purchse, conversion and importing a TWIKE to the US. (& say hello to her from me)

      hope this helps & it would be nice to welcome you to the TWIKE-driving community!

  2. Hello i am the new webmaster for Walt Breitlings http://www.electricbike.com and am looking for now stories about the twike. Would you guys be interested in reposting some of your stories or writing a story for some USA potential twike owners? I am thinking about buying a twike myself.


  3. Andrew,

    I beg to differ, with ~ 20 in the US and none have been imported for approx 13 years, there are only used TWIKES. the modification for 110 is minimal and mine actually has 110 and 220 (j1772, Dryer plug, etc)

    I have been very fortunate and had good luck with info twike dot com. There are about 20 owners int he USA and with limited contact and support many of the vehicles have been sitting for sometime.

    TW493 has been treating me very well over the last few years and my most recent upgrade was Bluetooth audio and LED tail lights.

    Safe TWIKE’n!

    from across the pond,

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