after just 3 days at dreifels’ workshop, TW560 emerges feeling much better and refreshed 🙂

no major problems were discovered by ralph schnyder (creator of  TWIKE in 1986, middle) apart of the travel-related ones which already had emerged during the wave. (even the shock absorbers seem to be ok!!)

equipped with the newest software version and a dump of all controller data for the duration of the WAVE, TW560 is looking forward to the next step in its rehabilitation for swiss roads: deep cleansing (inside and outside) at the TWIKE workshop i usually bring my TWIKE to.

a quick check of the controller data showed that someone had indeed tried to start the TWIKE on thursday 2feb one day before jc’s pickup and was deterred by the pin entry prompt on the screen 🙂

02.02.2012 08:57:43 x x Start 0003 DFC_Log_TW2.10
02.02.2012 08:57:43 d Start -> CodeEingeben
02.02.2012 08:58:02 x x PIN_init
02.02.2012 08:58:40 tw  392.9   0.0 395.1 
02.02.2012 08:58:40 tw  -0.09  -0.24   0.00   0 1 0 
02.02.2012 08:58:40 tw  -0.043  3175  3175  -0.01 
02.02.2012 08:58:40 tw  1209   0 13339 -8  -7  -8
02.02.2012 08:59:09 x x Off
02.02.2012 08:59:09 x x 12V 0167015C
02.02.2012 08:59:09 x x BAT 0000000A

…and that after a full 45 days at sea, the battery is at -8°C and 395.1V which means we’ve lost only about 3% charge during transit!

i’ll be going through about 6 meg of raw data and will try to publish some meaningful WAVE statistics here sometime in the future…

i’m really looking forward to seeing and using tw560 again. i hope that temperatures will go up sometime soon, TWIKEing is so much more fun at 20°C!

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