after 3 months, TW560 returns home!

everyone is happy to see the TWIKE again – neighbours who followed the blog gather around and want to see if it still looks the same 🙂

we settle back into the normal usage pattern, my wife loves the TWIKE and how easy it is to drive and park – every day i’m off to austria or on weekends when she goes to school the TWIKE is her companion.

myself, i enjoy every meter driving – as usual.

not everything is 100% ok, though. currently, the TWIKE consumes about 15-20% more energy with me alone than it did in india with all the weight and bad roads. this will require some attention > 150-250W more consumption is definitely not normal (…and a waste of energy!)

finally, it was time to renew my various stickers for motorways and commercial charging networks…

Ready for 2012!
Ready for 2012!

ready for 2012 it seems – only thing missing is warmer weather!

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