after a friendly email exchange the eligibility of TW560 was established…

TW560 hat ein einmaliges feature – es lädt schneller, als es fährt…

(TW560 has an unique feature – it charges at a higher speed than its v-max)

louis then met with me in person – we knew eachother already: we had met 2009 during an event when he returned with his solartaxi – and we spoke about the challenges around the rally, namely that i would need to fight a very steep uphill battle to get an ok from my workplace to be away during the busiest 2 weeks of the year – when my company books about 27% of its yearly turnover – and how i would handle that with my team.

all costs would be covered except bringing the twike to bremen and being put into a container and the so-called “carnet de passage”, basically a customs document.

he promised me to decide if TW560 and myself were to be accepted to the WAVE2011 india by next week.

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