TDST2020 – Day1, Home – South Tyrol

Finally, the day has come for TDST2020! My wife and I will be traveling to Southern Styria together by TWIKE. We will be taking our time, whilst our children will follow a week later by car and meet up with us at one of our favourite Buschenschanks close to where we stay every year. Packing our stuff is done in just a minute and we’re ready to leave. Since it’s still Friday, my wife will be driving whilst I work – I just love how this is possible nowadays. Since it’s raining, there isn’t too much to see – our […]

Not quite 2000km on one charge

A world record with a TWIKE? 2000km on one charge…with a 25+ year old electric vehicle? Wishful thinking or validation of a decades-old vehicle concept? Thomas Bechtiger from Bemoto in Zurich has been our trusted TWIKE repair shop from the very beginning and thought that this would be feasible. He wanted to just load as many used electric scooter batteries into a TWIKE as possible and then see how far the TWIKE could go. It took him and a small and dedicated team months to build the blocks, add a lower-voltage 48V motor and controller electronics to go with it. […]

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WELCOME! The TWIKE, an electric three-wheeler designed in Switzerland. TWIKE? Three wheeler designed in Switzerland in 1985 Name is short for “TWI“n-bi”KE“ This TWIKE is number 560, built in 2000. New ones are still built today. It has done more than 320’000km Electric range 460km / 75kg lithium batteries Top speed 95 km/h Has been to many places Want to know more?  Loads of TWIKE information can be found here. PLEASE send us / share the photos you took of TW560 – thanks! Twitter: @TWIKE_560 Email: