Pre-TDE2019 balancing

Balancing batteries is an important part of maintaining pack health. Especially with a battery pack that doesn’t have an active cell-level BMS monitoring every cell. TWIKE 560 currently has three 100-cell stacks which all would need an own balancing connection – a BMS would be adding weight, considerable amounts of cabling and complexity to the setup. Furthermore, one of the really neat features of Dreifels‘ DFC 3.0 controller, being able to completely and physically disconnect the battery from the vehicle when not in use and effectively go to zero amps would be rendered useless as the BMS controller is connected […]

TDE2019 – Two Weeks To Go…

It’s been a while since my last post – life’s been hectic and super-busy. There are many draft entries in my queue waiting to be finished… One thing I’m looking forward, though, is our summer holiday as a family this year. We’re heading to Spain and staying at my wife’s parents apartment outside of Alicante. I’m in need of a break! This year, for the first time, our family summer holiday involves TW560 – hence the name of this TWIKE adventure: TDE2019 Tour de l’Espagne. Check out our route for this year’s 3-week break: Read more about TDE2019 and how […]