TDI2019 Day 3 – Linz -> Chioggia

Today I’m going to push the envelope what a TWIKE is capable of covering in a single day. Sure, I’ve driven halfway across Germany and pushed the envelope whilst driving through Russia but today I’m going to go for 650 km in one day not hypermiling! It was very hard getting up at 7.30 AM today. I left my cousin’s birthday party at 1.30 AM and was in my bed at 2.10 AM… After a very nice breakfast, my uncle and aunt saw me off at around 9.20 AM and I was more or less ready for my longest distance […]

TDI2019 Day 2 – Telfs -> Linz

Waking up early I am greeted by another beautiful day and a very nice view from my typical Austrian Gasthaus room. After a breakfast including one of my favourites – Handsemmel (hand made Austrian bread roll) with Leberwurst I feel 100% ready for my 330km drive to Linz. I really liked this place as the owners both came to say good-bye personally and the son wanted to sit in the TWIKE for one last time. With the canopy off, I start to drive along the Inn valley towards Innsbruck and enjoy the sun’s warm rays even through it is still […]

TDI2019 Day 1 – Switzerland -> Telfs

TGIF! TDI2019 starts is today! I’ve been looking forward to this trip very much. Unlike other TWIKE adventures, this time, I will be travelling alone. Today will be a full day at the office before I dash across Switzerland and part of Austria towards Linz. In theory, nowadays with my huge battery pack, I could make the trip to Linz in one day but not when departing from Zurich at 4 PM. A charge somewhere in Innsbruck and one in Salzburg would be required if I want to do the full trip on the motorway – when hypermiling, I’d only […]

TDI2019 – nearly there

Since deciding that I needed some time off, time has just flown by. Now, just one day away from my next trans-European TWIKE adventure TDI2019, everything is as ready as it can be. The usual GPS-tracking is going to be active and unlike other years, I will not write the entries at the end of every day – This trip is about relaxing and getting some fresh air / space into my brain. I’ll be adding the entries one-by-one after getting back from the trip. Really looking forward to seeing my family in Austria and Italy!