A 2nd Life for TW560’s previous batteries

My last battery-related entry was on TW560 getting a new battery pack. (Finally, I have the time to write an entry after my epic 10-day TWIKE adventure across some of the highest passes of Europe with less charging stops. ๐Ÿ™‚ ) This entry is dedicated to the previous’ pack’s second life as a stationary battery pack for a Swiss household. The application they are going to be used in is very simple: Solar panel – charging circuit – battery – inverter – 230V-loads in household… grid. The idea is to keep renewable energy in-house and only send energy to the […]

Professional photos from TDAF2016

On day 3 of this year’s TWIKE adventure TDAF2016 whilst climbing Le Col de la Bonette, we had some professional photos taken of our ascent. After waiting 2 weeks, finally, the images were sent to us and we’re really happy with the result. Not much else to say than … enjoy:)