Geneva Motor Show 2016 – mixed emotions

Geneva Motor Show – 10 years of visiting this event with an eye on electric mobility. Will we finally have the electric breakthrough? [Spoiler alert: Sadly, no] There are some signs, though. The image above is Rimac’s concept_one car, a 800kW, 1000+bhp all-electric supercar. Interestingly it is the #1 image hit when you search for Geneva’s 86th Motor Show. No breakthrough, but still a marked change. (#2 is Bugatti’s €1m+ Chiron) My focus, as every year, is: What are mainstream brands doing with regards to electric mobility? I haven’t written about the GVA Salon since 2012. This year, Twitter and […]

New motor burn-in trip

After TW560’s recent motor replacement Seb, a long-time reader of, wished me luck with my next 191k. Since we hadn’t met for quite a while, I answered his comment by proposing a trip to perform a thorough burn-in for TW560’s new electric motor… and whilst doing so we could meet for some good food and wine. Just two weeks later, I had a two-day series of meetings in and around Geneva coming up – a perfect moment for such a burn-in, since Seb lives just around 80km from Geneva. With another meeting in Bern to take care of, everything […]

Fondue in Malans – a two-day trip, take 2

What I like about driving an extremely rare vehicle is the close-knit community it creates. Since there isn’t a wide network of commercially motivated help available, it’s important to know other drivers one can reach out to in case of questions or problems…or just to share good memories! The TWIKEklub traditionally organizes 4 events during winter (which has, thanks to global warming, been bringing us less snow every year for the past 10 years). Cold weather is ideal for traditional Swiss cheese-based dishes such as Fondue and Raclette. JC and I take part at most of the events – last […]

Getting ready for #geneva #gvamotorshow

Usually, when someone starts talking to me about things like electric cars aren’t clean, because the electricity is dirty and the like, my answer usually is: That is a fascinating point we should definitely have an extended dialogue about one evening … and you’re buying the wine. But what if I can’t have this dialogue and someone with media coverage like the International Auto Salon Geneva pumps out information like above? The GREENEST car in Switzerland: a DIESEL with a 3 litre consumption @ 79g/km CO2? Seriously? How can such a decision be made for an ICE car anyway? ICE […]