TW560: Party supplies vehicle!

Who said a TWIKE was unable to carry lots of goods? TWIKEs are exceptionally well adapted to carrying loads! To prove this, I used TW560 to buy some supplies for a (smaller) office party we have every first Thursday of every month. Let’s see how this went, shall we? 🙂 Pat (another long-time reader of, came with me to my local cash’n’carry outlet to buy some supplies in bulk. After placing about half of what we eventually bought on the trolley, Pat was getting increasingly incredulous that we would be able to get everything into my TWIKE. At double […]

Display troubles…

Just after arriving back from my one-day-trip to Feldkirch, TW560’s display started acting strange, showing confusing information. My TWIKE was working fine overall, so it wasn’t any serious problem. I suspected this to be the same problem I experienced during my 2011 trip to India, where challenging roads made a daughter board from TW560’s new controller from Dreifels a.k.a. DFC 3.0, come loose Let’s dive in and fix this problem, shall we? All that needs to be done is push the daughter board firmly back onto its contacts. (newer boards are held back by cable ties). Where is the cable […]