on my recent visit to the us of a: hmm…

a recent business trip took me to california’s silicon valley. this entry consists of the bits and bobs i saw, heard and thought about during the 5 days i spent in america. since everyone in the us has to be hyped, pumped and ready for the fun, i thought it would be a good idea to blend in and get a fitting picture taken for my visitor badge! for me (and probably most europeans for that matter), america remains a puzzling place. nsa revelations and all the cyber defense babble (which was, after all, why i was visiting) aside, the […]

TDB2015: update on our preparations

quick update on our preparations for this year’s TWIKE adventure. as a few readers of this blog have correctly guessed, TDB2015 stands for “Tour du Baltique” 2015. we’ve decided to take TW560 to the baltic states and cross russian territory when visiting kalinigrad. as usual, i started out by drawing our direct line and then started by defining the start and end point of our trip on a map. later on, whilst driving, this map will be synched to our phone which then shows us the way. one evening i invite jc over to go over the rough plan. as […]