we’re happy to announce another one of our longer TWIKE aventures. the goal this year is to visit the three northernmost points of the mediterranean sea (this quest takes us all the way to croatia, crossing the width of italy to genoa and back to switzerland. (blue lines)) – this is why we call this challenge “Tour De (la) Mediterranée”

as usual, we are going to try to stick to the blue lines as closely as possible and see what happens.

since this map is somewhat more complex than the usual ones, google can no longer display all waypoints in one map 🙁

View to the sea, sea and back (TW560) TWIKE in a larger map

View to the sea, sea and back (TW560) TWIKE in a larger map

our projected distance for this trip will be about 2000km.

we’re really excited because our route will be taking us up to 2760m and down to sea level – from switzerland to italy, slovenia, croatia and back. i’ve taken much care to – yet again – have as many kilometres along single-lane roads. see the gallery below for some teasers.

if you like what you’re seeing: start reading the entry for day1!

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