vogese alps, take 2

my trip to the vogese alps just a few weeks ago was extremely nice. i couldn’t stop talking about the beautiful landscapes, quaint little villages and the very nice chalet jc and i stayed in. my wife and i then decided to retrace the same route during the week-end around may 1st. View two-day trip in a larger map the drive to freiburg was really nice and relaxing, no rain and no feldberg-recharge, beautiful views – the place jc and i chose for recharging the TWIKE last time also “recharges” people in other ways – it hosts a multitude of […]

vandalism damage assessment

after getting TW560 to the garage i usually have it serviced, thomas möckli the owner promised to have a look at it as soon as possible. just a few hours later, he called me and let me know that – except the hood – everything is repairable at a modest cost. even the electronic fault turns out to be one single high power transistor acting up. however, there are no plexi-hood windscreens available anymore (so he thought…) and he was offering me either an old, used complete hood frame with (scratched) plexi windscreen or to mount a modern two-part glass […]

Vandalism – Day3

The next day promises to be be a brilliant one – all the grey clouds are gone and i make my way back to delémont. i get off the train and am truly looking forward to a very relaxing ride back home when, coming around a corner, i am greeted with a very unusual sight. from a distance one thing was clear, TW560 had been pushed over and the canopy was open. i had a very bad feeling creeping up in my stomach. getting closer things turned out to be worse than expected! TW560 had been pushed around, rolled around, […]

2 (..3) days in the vogese alps – Day2

after sleeping well in very nice and comfortable rooms, jc and i are looking forward to a further day of relaxing and travelling twike-style. if you haven’t read the first day, why not click here? we’re the first ones to eat breakfast. although it is still wet and grey outside, the view from our chalet is still stunning. i must come back sometime in summer! we settle our modest bill and set out on the second leg of our trip. View two-day trip in a larger map weather conditions deteriorate quickly and whilst already being grey and cold, us climbing […]