TWIKE club general assembly

once a year the TWIKE drivers’ association twikeklub organizes its general assembly and invites all interested to a full day centered around sustainable mobility and obviously the TWIKE itself. whilst the activities are different every year, the assembly itself follows a structure mandated by swiss law for clubs and associations which charge their members for membership. since there are more and more TWIKE pilots from germany nowadays, the club decided to conduct the 16th general assembly in rottenburg, southern germany. pilots from switzerland were invited to drive in a convoy starting at möckli elektrofahrzeuge with prearranged charging stations along the […]

you might have noticed that i’ve not been posting in a while. there were personal reasons for this. things are on the mend and i will start posting new entries soon. these entries will, however, be posted retroactively on the timeline > so any entry after november 12 is a new entry.

a new home for

you might or might not know that (among many others) is hosted at my home. everything is based on linux and i run my own dns server. apache is my good friend on the webserver side. up until now the setup was based on a single 1u poweredge, non-redundant and my RTO was basically undefined. (not good!) today thu, may9, i’ve undertaken the task to upgrade the infrastructure: redundant server setup better hardware: hp DL380’s dual physical quadcore with 8 gig ram etc. UPS for about 3 hours coverage when power is down Check Point 2070 firewall for extended […]