since i’ve got much more time on my hands nowadays, i’ve arranged to visit fine mobile, the TWIKE manufacturer june 6-7, 2013.

for months now, fine’s marketing department and i have been corresponding on what can be communicated on new developments, options for current TWIKE models and so forth. i felt that i was necessary to see for myself how TWIKE’s are assembled and what status TWIKE 5 has and maybe get a rare glimpse into the design process of this new vehicle.

first and foremost, this visit will be for me personally. however, since i am also vice-president of the TWIKE pilot’s association, i’ll be interested in taking some info away for broader distribution.

having worked for fiat in turin for a few months some years ago, i have an idea what large scale vehicle production lines look like… and how just-in-time logistics plus automated production can be very, very complex. it will be an interesting experience to see fine’s 50-a-year manufacturing process.

rosenthal, a small village in central germany, home of fine mobile – it will be a 520km drive which i am planning to complete in one day… the usual tools such as google maps will be used to plan the stages and recharging.

more to follow.

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