TDE2012 – planning update

finally, jc and i have found some time to continue planning! jc has bought ridiculously detailed maps of spain and france. we went along the theroretical line and assessed where there might be problems to follow the line closely. there are lots of such instances > see for yourself below! (fully zoomable > try changing to terrain mode…) View TDE 2012 in a larger map we will be using the same technology for tracking and communication as during the WAVE. with one big difference: i will be on vacation this time and will be able to fully enjoy 100% of […]

back to vienna with TW560

i think i mentioned before that TW560 likes vienna and travels with me there at least once a quarter. last year’s WAVE india prologue for TW560 was a trip to vienna en route to bremerhafen. myself, i travel to vienna at least every two weeks for some days on business. i usually fly and get around the city being driven by one of my employees or in a taxi. this kind of mobility is not very practical nor cheap when it comes to spending some free minutes exploring the city and the places around it – such as bratislava or […]

beautiful switzerland – churfirsten tour

i’m visiting my family whilst they are on vacation in wildhaus – we can see the churfirsten mountain range from our chalet – the view looks similar to the photo above. during the weekend one of my daughters asked if they looked the same from behind and i said … more or less, how about we check if they still look the same? said, done. the TWIKE was fully charged and off we went: View Around the Churfirsten in a larger map there is not much to say… 🙂 all on one charge & without breaking any sweat! switzerland & […]

more than expected

school children in switzerland get 2 weeks off end of april – my family usually leaves for a spot of vacation in the swiss alps, without me. this year, the second week co-incides with may 1, a work-free day in switzerland. i am planning to spend the week-end in the same chalet, work from there april 30 and leave for vienna from feldkirch (only 25 kms away) late may 1. although the drive there is uneventful, i was rather unprepared for the weather waiting for me @ 1100m altitude… (see featured picture above) i left the office in zurich with […]