TWIKE arrives in Mumbai

MSC Maureen has completed its voyage – the TWIKE has arrived in Mumbai! check out TW560’s exact position here. During the WAVE, TW560’s GPS position will be continuously updated and displayed in the sidebar on the main page and on the detailled page in various zoom levels.

1st team TWIKE member leaves for India

jean-claude left for india yesterday morning, together with most of the other swiss wave participants. i will be adding pictures as soon as jean-claude has uploaded them. since msc maureen is due in mumbai port tomorrow, they will try to get to the cars in the container as soon as possible. there are technical reasons for this: unlike the TWIKE, both think city and the clio rely on high temperature natrium-cloride batteries, which after a good month in the container are back to ambient temperature. in order for them to even start to accept any charge, they need to be […]

Hello visa! (& other musings)

process excellence! just a few days after i applied for the visa, i’ve got it back! here we go. ready for all the fun india has to offer! i’m really impressed by the indian visa process after being treated to much worse service the world over! something else came together on friday, too: my international driving license was issued! whilst musing about what else i need, how about some cool bumper stickers for the TWIKE… or… even better, for my fellow electric car drivers: the trusted “hybrids are for pussies” sticker which has been adorning my TWIKE for the last […]

techfest – TWIKE makes appearance

stumbled across the techfest website a minute ago and liked the fact that the TWIKE was mentioned in the first banner rollover. if you click a little further you will find a detailled description of the tour. there are many workshops i’d love to participate, but, alas, i will be not only one of the last to arrive, but also one of the first to leave india, since my company earns about a quarter of their yearly earnings during the last few weeks of every given year. and as a regional sales manager…well, you get the idea. 🙁  

india, i’d like a visa, please

quick update: finally, i got the requested information from the sponsors in india regarding my flight to india. this means that i can finally go to the embassy and apply for my indian visa. it is quite interesting, that i, as a uk citizen do not get any preferential treatment regarding visas – unlike hong kong for example. anyways, after parting with 138 CHF, the visa center in berne accepts my application and i can wait for louis palmer to complete his visa application with walther. today, i really am in a hurry: leave home at 6, meeting in berne, […]

Road-side repair course

although i am fairly familiar with most components of the TWIKE, i have always left repairs to thomas möckli from möckli elektrofahrzeuge in marthalen. he has been able to accommodate most of my special modification requests – be it a better distribution of breaking power between front and back wheels, or my bluetooth sound streaming to the TWIKE or everyday tasks such as changing the tyres > thomas makes it happen. since the announcement of TW560’s taking part at the WAVE in india on, the usual suspects related to TWIKE vehicles have been in touch and have offered their […]