a few days in southern styria > back home to switzerland

after arriving late the day before – we are greeted with beautiful weather today. every year we rent the same house for my extended austrian family. this ensures that we meet at least once a year in southern styria which is about the same distance for everyone except us coming from switzerland. i feel very at home here. my kids and wife have come to share my love for this beautiful part of our planet – in this post i will try to convey some impressions, but, alas, there will be no substitute for you, dear reader, other than come […]

vienna > styria via hungary and slovenia

i get up pretty early to avoid any undue delays because of vienna commuter-traffic and make some distance early, since today’s trip will be at least 357kms. already very early on i see long lines of cars on their way into vienna – hardly any vehicle is heading towards the leithagebirge and the neusiedler lake. then i was treated to a very, very nice sunrise! this romantic setting, however, does not last for long. getting closer to the neusiedler lake means that humidity rises, too. soon i hit a bank of thick fog and the already meager number of °C […]